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Song List [no full cds...way too many to finish the list]

Last messed with: November 23, 2006

3LW- 'Till I Say So
5, 6, 7, 8's, The- Woo Hoo
69 Eyes + Ville Valo, The- Wasting The Dawn
112- Peaches and Cream
112 ft. Fabolous, Lil' Kim, Jay-Z- Peaches and Cream [Remix]

AFI- Head Like A Hole
AFI- Rabbits Are Road Kill On Route 37
Acceptance- Things You Say
Acceptance- Bleeding Heart
Acceptance- Seeing Is Believing
Adam and Andrew- Emo Kid (Emosong)
Aesop Rock- Night Light
Afters, The- Beautiful Love
Akala- Shakespeare
Akala- Bullshit
Akala- The Edge Raw Mashup
Akira Yamaoka- Room Of Angels [Silent Hill 4]
Akon ft. Eminem- Smack That
Akon ft. Snoop Dogg- I Wanna Fuck You
Akon- Bellydancer
Amanda Ghost- Filthy Mind
Ambulance LTD- Anecdote
Amerie ft. Ludacris- Why Don't We Fall In Love
Ani DiFranco- Shy
Apocalyptica [ft. Lauri & Ville]- Bittersweet
Aquabats, The- Stuck In A Movie
Arrested Development- Everyday People
Arrogant Sons Of Bitches- So Let's Go Nowhere
Ashlee Simpson- Burning Up
Ashlee Simpson- Kicking and Screaming
Astral Projection- Liquid Sun
Astral Projection- Utopia
Astral Projection- Kabalah ft. DJ Jorg
Authority Zero- Broken Dreams

B2C- Crap Rap
B2C- Rap Party
B2C- Show Me Yo Bootyhole
Bach- Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G Major
Bach- Toccata and Fugue in D Minor [Phantom of the Opera Cathedral]
Beethoven- Moonlight Sonata [5 Versions]
Beethoven- Monnlight Sonata [Acoustic Guitar]
Beetles- Revolution 9
Belle & Sebastian- The Model
Belle & Sebastian- The Wrong Girl
Belle & Sebastian- There's Too Much Love
Big D and the Kids Table- Can't Be Caught
Big D and the Kids Table- Checklist
Big D and the Kids Table- Girls Against Drunk Bitches
Big D and the Kids Table- My Girlfriend's On Drugs
Billy Bragg- A New England
Bjork- All If Full Of Love
Bjork- Play Dead
Bjork- Human Behavior
Blind Melon- No Rain
Blindside- The Endings
Blindside- About A Burning Fire
Blindside- Midnight
Blindside- Pitiful
Blink 182- Stay Together For The Kids
Bloc Party- Little Thoughts
Bloc Party- The Answer
Bloodhound Gang, The- Fire Water Burn
Bloodhound Gang, The- Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Bowling For Soup- Almost
Bowling For Soup- Baby One More Time [Britney Spears Cover]
Box Car Racer- There Is
Boys Night Out- A Torrid Love Affair
Boys Night Out- Where We Breathe
Brand New- Am I Wrong
Brand New- BBC Interview [No Performance]
Brand New- Car [Acoustic]
Brand New- Flying At Tree Level [Version 1.0]
Brand New- Guernica [KROQ Christmas]
Brand New- I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light [Live]
Brand New- Jaws Theme Swimming [Demo]
Brand New- Jude Law and a Semester Abroad [Acoustic]
Brand New- Jude Law and a Semester Abroad [KROQ Christmas]
Brand New- Magazines [Demo]
Brand New- Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis [Acoustic]
Brand New- Moshi Moshi
Brand New- Moshi Moshi [Acoustic]
Brand New- My Nine Rides Shotgun
Brand New- Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't [Boondock Saints Intro]
Brand New- Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't [KROQ Christmas]
Brand New- Secondary For The Worst [Demo]
Brand New- Seventy Times 7 [KROQ Christmas]
Brand New- Seventy Times 7 [Live- Birch Hill Nite Club]
Brand New- Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades [Video]
Brand New- Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades [Acoustic]
Brand New- Soco Amaretto Lime [Live- Birch Hill Nite Club]
Brand New- Soco Amaretto Lime [The Moleman Remix]
Brand New- The No Seatbelt Song [CBGB's]
Brand New- The No Seatbelt Song [Extra Line]
Brand New- The Quiet Things THat No One Ever Knows [Video]
Brand New- The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows [End Sessions]
Brand New- The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows [KROQ Christmas]
Brand New- The Shower Scene [Demo]
Brand New- Untitled 1
Brand New- Untitled 2
Brand New- Untitled 3
Brand New- Untitled 4
Brand New- Untitled 5
Brand New- Untitled 6
Brand New- Untitled 7
Brand New- Untitled 8
Brand New- Untitled 9
Brand New- Voicemail
Breaking Benjamin- So Cold
Breaking Benjamin- Forget It
Bright Eyes- A Perfect Sonnet
Bright Eyes- Bowl Of Oranges
Bright Eyes- Contrast and Compare
Bright Eyes- Drunk Kid Catholic
Bright Eyes- First Day Of My Life [Live]
Bright Eyes- It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends
Bright Eyes- Kathy With A K's Song
Bright Eyes- Kathy With A K's Song [Live]
Bright Eyes- Lover I Don't Have To Love
Bright Eyes- Make War
Bright Eyes- Messenger Bird's Song
Bright Eyes- Method Acting
Bright Eyes- No Lies, Just Love
Bright Eyes- Pull My Hair
Bright Eyes- Silent Night
Bright Eyes- You Will. You? Will You? Will
Britney Spears- And Then We Kissed [Junkie XL Remix]
Burlap to Cashmere- Basic Instructions

Cake- Short Skirt, Long Jacket
Carrie Underwood- Before He Cheats
Catatonia- Bulimic Beats
Chauntelle DuPree [Eisley]- One More Day With You
Chevelle- Anticipation
Chevelle- Mia
Chevelle- Open
Chevelle- Point #1
Chiodos- No Hardcore Dancing In The Living Room
Christina Aguilera- Beautiful
Christina Milian ft. Fabolous- Dip It Low [Remix]
Ciara ft. Missy Elliot- One Two Step
Ciara ft. Petey Pablo- Goodies
Citizen Cope- Sons Gonna Rise
Citizen Cope- Let The Drummer Kick
CKY- Dressed in Decay
Cold- Stupid Girl
Cold Play- For You
Cold Play- Scientist
Cold Play- Trouble
Crazy Town- Butterfly [Rock Remix]
Crazy Town- Drowning
Cursive- The Rhyme Scheme
Cute Is What We Aim For- Finger Twist and Split
Cypress Hill- Roll it up, Light it up, Smoke it up

D4L- Laffy Taffy
Daddy Yankee- Rompe
Daphne Loves Derby- Aware, Rust, and Repair
Daphne Loves Derby- Christmas Lights
Daphne Loves Derby- Come Winter
Daphne Loves Derby- Disregard The Past Few Days
Daphne Loves Derby- Midnight Highway
Daphne Loves Derby- Simple, Starving To Be Safe [New Home Demo]
Deadsy- Gramercy Park
Death Cab For Cutie- Christmas [Baby Please Come Home]
Death Cab For Cutie- Love Song [Cure Cover]
Decemberists, The- Here I dreamt I was an Architect
Decemberist, The- The Mariner's Revenge Song
Desaparecidos- Happiest Place On Earth
Desaparecidos- Man And Wife
Destinys Child- Lose My Breath
Diffuser- I Wonder
Dirty Pretty Things- Bang Bang
Dirty Pretty Things- Gin and Milk
Dirty Pretty Things- You Fucking Love It [Demo]
Disturbed ft. Cypress Hill, Linkin Park, & Crazytown- Psycho
Division of Laura Lee- Does Compute
DJ Crush [ft Mr. Lif]- Nosferatu
DJ Mystic- Tears In Heaven
DJ ROF- Godsmack, Disturbed, Deftones, ICP, Korn, Limp Bizkit, System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Scatman John
DJ Sammy- Heaven [Club Mix]
DJ Sammy- Heaven [Candle Light Mix]
DJ Tiesto- Walking On Clouds
Dresden Dolls- Baby One More Time [Britney Spears Cover]
Dresden Dolls- Karma Police
Dresden Dolls- Such Great Heights

Early November, The- Baby Blue
Early November, The- Ever So Sweet
Early November, The- Mountain Range In My Living Room
Early November, The- I Want To Hear You Sad
Eiffel 65- Blue [Da Ba Dee]
Eiffel 65- Move Your Body
Eisley- Vintage People
Emery- To Whom It May Concern
Eminem- Brain Damage
Eminem- Guilty Conscience
Eminem- I'm Sorry Mama
Eminem- Just Lose It
Eminem- Just The Two of Us
Eminem- My Name Is
Eminem- Role Model
Eminem- Still Don't Give A Fuck
Eminem- The Real Slim Shady
Eminem- Till I Collapse
Eminem ft. Dr. Dre & Korn- Guilty Conscience [Maloliente Remix]
Eminem ft. Nate Dogg- Shake That
Eminem ft. Tupac- Murder, Murder
Enrique Igelsias- Hero
Eric Clapton- I Get Lost
Eve 6- Waterfalls [TLC Cover]

Faint, The- I Dissapear
Fall Of Troy, The- Rockstar Nailbomb!
Fall Of Troy, The- I Just Got This Symphony Goin
Fall Of Troy, The- Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles
Fall Out Boy- Dance, Dance [Demo Version]
Fall Out Boy- Dance, Dance [Patrick Stump Secret Agent Remix]
Fall Out Boy- Dance, Dance [Tommy Sunshine Techno Remix - Radio Edit]
Fall Out Boy- Dance, Dance [The Lindbergh Palace Remix]
Fall Out Boy- Grand Theft Autumn (Where is Your Boy) [Acoustic]
Fall Out Boy- Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner [Acoustic]
Fall Out Boy- Yule Shoot Your Eye Out
Far Less- Everyone is Out To Get Us
Finch- New Kid
Finley Quay- Dice
Flyleaf- I'm So Sick
Foo Fighters- All My Life
Fort Minor- The Hard Way
Fort Minor- Be Someday
Fort Minor- Slip Out The Back
Fort Minor ft. Sixx John- There They Go
Frank Sinatra- Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered
Franz Ferdinand- What You Waiting For [Cover]
From Autumn To Ashes- Chloroform Perfume [Acoustic]
From First To Last- Heroine
From First To Last- X12Days of XXXMASX
Frou Frou- Close Up
Frou Frou- Holding Out For a Hero
Fugazi- Long Distance Runner
Funeral For a Friend- 10 Scene Points To The Winner

Garbage- After Glow
Garbage- Sex Never Goes Out of Fashion
Get Up Kids, The- Valentine
Ghost Runner On Third- H
Gin Blossoms- Hey Jealousy
Goo Goo Dolls- Iris [Acoustic]
Goo Goo Dolls- Here Is Gone
Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends
Gwen Stefani- Cool [Richard X Remix]
Gwen Stefani + Tom Dumont- Don't Speak [Live Early Version]

Halo- Perfectly Still
Hawthorne Heights- Ohio is For Lovers
Hawthorne Heights- Silver Bullet
Holocaust 427- Requiem For A Whore
Hoobastank- The Reason
Houston ft. Chingy, I-20, Nate Dogg- I Like That

I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business- Whispering Actually
Imogen Heap- Headlock
Imogen Heap- The Walk
Incubus- Stellar [Acoustic]
InMemory- The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Insane Clown Posse- Hokus Pokus
Interpol- Leif Erikson
Interpol- Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down
Irish Rovers- Puff the Magic Dragon

Jack Johnson- Badfish_Boss DJ [Sublime Cover]
Jack Off Jill- Strawberry Gashes
Jack Off Jill- When I Am Queen
Jack's Mannequin- Kill The Messenger [Acoustic]
Jack's Mannequin- The Lights and Buzz
Jack's Mannequin- Lonely For Her
Jack's Mannequin- Last Straw
Jack's Mannequin- The Lights and Buzz
JamisonParker- Home
Janis Joplin- Me and Bobby McGee
Jason Gleason [Further Seems Forever]- Sleigh Bells and Wine
Jason Mraz- Remedy [Acoustic]
Jefferson Airplane- White Rabbit
Jermain Dupri ft. Missy Elliot- Gotta Getcha
Jessica Simpson- Sweetest Sin
Jibbs- Chain Hang Low
Joy Division- She's Lost Control
Joy Division- Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division- The Eternal
Juvenile- Slow Motion

Kevin Devine ft. Jesse Lacey- Cotton Crush
Killers, The- Mr. Brightside [Romantic Radio Edit]
Killers, The- Mr. Brightside [Thin White Duke Remix]
Killradio- Scavenger
Kottonmouth Kings- High Society
Kottonmouth Kings- Night Life
Kottonmouth Kings- Suburban Life
Koufax- Let Us Know

Ladytron- Blue Jeans [Interpol Remix]
Ladytron- He Took Her To A Movie
Ladytron- Discotraxx
Ladytron- Destroy Everything You Touch
LCD Soundsystem- Disco Infiltrator
LCD Soundsystem- Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
Le Tigre- Deceptacon
Le Tigre- Eau D'Bedroom
Le Tigre- Hot Topic
Le Tigre- I'm So Excited
Le Tigre- Phanta
Le Tigre- The Empty
Le Tigre- TKO
Le Tigre- What's Yr Take On Cassavetes
Lee Hazlewood w/ Nancy Sinatra- Sand
Letters To Cleo- Supermodel
Libertines, The- Death On The Stairs [Live]
Libertines, The- What A Waster
Lil Whyte- Oxy Cotton
Lindsay Lohan- Confessions Of A Broken Heart
Linkin Park- Numb [Piano]
Lit- Happy In The Meantime
Live- Pain Lies On The Riverside
Loreena McKennitt- The Highway Man
Ludacris- Splash Waterfalls [Dirty]
Ludacris- What's Your Fantasy
Lupe Fiasco- Kick, Push

Madonna- Frozen [2003 Trance Remix]
Mae- Embers and Envelopes
Mae- Summertime
Mae- This Time Is The Last Time [Wave Remix]
Mae- Tisbury Lane
Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas Is You
Marilyn Manson- Mobscene
Marilyn Monroe- Happy Birthday Mr. President
Maroon 5- Hard To Breathe
Maroon 5- Pure Imagination [From Willy Wonka]
Maroon 5- She Will Be Loved
Maroon 5- She Will Be Loved [Acoustic]
Maroon 5- This Love
Mase- Breathe, Stretch, Shake
Massive Attack- Angel
Massive Attack- Dissolved Girl
Massive Attack- Unfinished Sympathy
Matchbook Romance- I'll Be Home For Christmas
Mavis's, The- Naughty Boy
Melee- Perfect Mess
Melee- The War
Metallica- Until It Sleeps
Mew- Beautiful Balloon
Midtown- No Place Feels Like Home
Mindless Self Indulgence- Golden Eye [Juggalo Remix]
Miossec- Tonnerre
Missy Elliot ft. Ludacris- Gossip Folk
Morrissey- First of the Gang To Die
Morrissey- Hairdresser On Fire
Morrissey- Let Me Kiss You
Motion City Soundtrack- Everything is Alright
Motion City Soundtrack- LG Fuad
Motion City Soundtrack- The Future Freaks Me Out
Motion City Soundtrack- Time Turned Fragile
Motion City Soundtrack- When You're Around
Mozart- Ave Verum Corpus
Mozart- Symphony No. 25 in G Minor
Muse- Bliss
MxPx- Christmas Night Of Zombies
My Chemical Romance- All I Want Is Christmas Is You [Mariah Carey Cover]

N'sync ft Nelly- Girlfriend [Remix]
Natalie Imbruglia- That Day
Nelly Furtado- Turn Out The Lights
NERD- Rock Star
NERD- Rock Star [Jason Nevins Remix]
NERD- She Wants To Move
NERD- Fly or Die
NERD- Loser
Nelly ft. Tim McGraw- Over and Over
Nelly- Grillz
Nelly- #1
Nelly- Shake Ya Tailfeather
Never Ending White Lights [ft. Dallas Green]- The Grace
Nina Gordon- Tonight and the Rest Of My Life
Nina Sky ft. Jabba- Move Your Body
Nine Days- Absolutely [Story Of a Girl]
No Doubt- Trapped In A Box [Live]
Number One Fan- Come On
Number One Fan- Its Happening

Our Lady Peace- Innocent

Petey Pablo ft DMX- Freek-A-Leek [Remix]
Pharell Williams ft. Gwen Stefani- Can I Have It Like That [Dirty]
Pharell Williams ft. Jay-Z- Frontin
Pink- Just Like a Pill
Pink- Family Portrait
Pink- Stupid Girls
Pitbull ft. Lil' Jon- Culo
Plus 44- No It Isn't
POD- Will You
Prodigy- Out Of Space
Punchline- Pretty Petty [demo]

Rage Against The Machine- How I Could Just Kill A Man
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The- Dani California
Revenge of the Nerds- Carnival Song
Ridicule- Dancer In The Dark
Ridicule- KTST Sampler
Ridicule- Behind Closed Doors
Rilo Kiley- Such Great Heights
Rise Against- My Life Inside Your Heart
Robots In Disguise- The DJ's Got A Gun
Rock n' Roll Soldiers- Flag Song
Rock n' Roll Soldiers- Funny Little Feeling
Rolling Stones- Paint It Black
Rookie Lot, The- Anime
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The- Bohemian Rhapsody [Queen Tribute]
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The- We Will Rock You [Queen Tribute]
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The- Another One Bites the Dust [Queen Tribute]
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The- We Are the Champions [Queen Tribute]
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The- Radio Ga-Ga [Queen Tribute]
Ryan Cabrera- On The Way Down

Saliva- Superstar
Saliva- Always
Saosin- Bury Your Head
Saosin- Seven Years
Save Ferris- Build Me Up Buttercup
Save Ferris- Mistaken
Scribbled- Lights Will Lead Us
Scribbled- Something New
Sean Paul- We Be Burnin
Secret Lives Of The Free Masons- This Was Built To Make You Dance
Seether- Fine Again
Seether ft. Amy Lee- Broken
Senses Fail- You're Cute When You Scream
Shins, The- New Slang
Sia- Breathe Me
Silverchair- Black Tangled Heart
Silverchair- Suicidal Dream
Simple Plan- Drop It Like It's Hot//P.I.M.P [Cover]
Siouxsie & The Bansees- Dazzle
Smiths, The- Asleep
Smiths, The- I Know It's Over
Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Williams- Drop It Like It's Hot
Snow Patrol- Same
Snow Patrol- You Will You Will [Bright Eyes Cover]
Something Corporate- Babies Of The 80's
Something Corporate- Bad Day
Something Corporate- Ben Franklin's Kite
Something Corporate- Cavanaugh Park
Something Corporate- Drunk Girl
Something Corporate- Forget December
Something Corporate- Hey Ya [Outkast Cover]
Something Corporate- Hurricane [The Formal Weather Patter]
Something Corporate- If I Die
Something Corporate- If You C Jordan
Something Corporate- Inside the Pocket
Something Corporate- Konstantine
Something Corporate- Konstantine [Extra Lyrics-Live 11 mins]
Something Corporate- Little
Something Corporate- Mulligan Goes To War
Something Corporate- Plucked
Something Corporate- Spin
Something Corporate- Walking By
Something Corporate- When It Goes Down
Spice Girls- Hit Songs [Dance mix]
Spice Girls- Holler
Stabbing Backwards- When I'm Dead
Stacie Orrico- Bounce Back
Stacie Orrico- Stuck
Standstill- I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
Starting Line, The- Bedroom Talk
Stellarstarr*- Sweet Troubled Soul
Stefy- Chelsea
Stray Bullets, The- PC1
String Quartet, The- Luxurious [A Tribute To Gwen Stefani]
Suburban Legends- Up All Night
Sunny Day Real Estate- In Circles

Taking Back Sunday- Up Against [Blackout]
Taking Back Sunday- Liar [It Takes Two]
Taking Back Sunday- Make Damn Sure
Taking Back Sunday- Spin
Taking Back Sunday- Whats It Feel Like To Be a Ghost [Live]
Tech N9ne- Psycho Bitch
Tech N9ne- Absolute Power
Tech N9ne- Imma Tell
Tech N9ne- Here Comes Tecca Nina
Tech N9ne- Slither
Tech N9ne- T9X
Tech N9ne- This Ring
Tech N9ne- Twisted
Tech N9ne- Einstein
Tech N9ne- Suicide Letters
Tech N9ne- Breathe
Tech N9ne- Mizery
Tech N9ne- Celcius
Tech N9ne- The Beast
Tech N9ne- I'm A Playa [Remix]
Tech N9ne- Now It's On
Tech N9ne- Thugged Out
Tech N9ne- Get Blowed
Tech N9ne- Let's Get Fucked Up
Tech N9ne- Questions
Tech N9ne- This Life I Live
Tech N9ne & E-40- Jelly Sickle
Ted Leo + The Pharmacists- Since You've Been Gone/Maps
Theatre of Tragedy- Roses For The Dead
Third Eye Blind- Farther
Third Eye Blind- London
Third Eye Blind- Motorcycle Drive By
Third Eye Blind- Self Righteous
Third Eye Blind- The Background
Thomas Newman- Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Three Days Grace- I Hate Everything About You
Thrice- The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows [Brand New Cover at Bamboozle]
TI- You Don't Know Me
TI- What You Know
TLC- Girl Talk
TLC- Waterfalls
TLC ft. Lil' Jon, Sean Paul- Come Get Some
To Say The Least- BP Is Where She Left Me
To Say The Least- Guilt Guarder
To Say The Least- I Will No Longer Follow Sheep
To Say The Least- Is It Easier To Make Things Hard
To Say The Least- Omnipresent Feelings Mastered
To Say The Least- Pop
To Say The Least- Selfless Song About Me
To Say The Least- Sorry About Your Birthday and All
Toasters, The- Little Hidden Secrets
Tommy Lee ft. Andrew MacMahon- I Need You
Train- Drops Of Jupiter
Trick Daddy ft. Lil' Jon & Twista- Let's Go
Tripping Daisy- I Got A Girl
Twista- Overnight Celebrity

Unwritten Law- Save Me

Vast- Pretty When You Cry
Vendetta Red- Suicide Party
VNV Nation- Further [Life Force Remake]

Wallflowers, The- One Headlight
Weezer- We Are All On Drugs
Wham- Last Christmas


Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Art Star
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Cheated Hearts [Bloodbath Remix]
Yellowcard- Avondale
Yellowcard- Powder
Ying Yang Twins ft. Pitbull- Shake
Young Dro- Shoulda Lean
Yung Joc- I Know You See It

Zebrahead- Wannabe [Spice Girls Cover]

Amuro Namie- A Walk In The Park
Amuro Namie- Body Feels Exit
Amuro Namie- Can You Celebrate
Amuro Namie- Don't Wanna Cry
Amuro Namie- Love 2000
Amuro Namie- Makenai Akigatto Au
Amuro Namie- Never End
Amuro Namie- Night OF Fire
Amuro Namie- Please Smile Again
Amuro Namie- Respect The Power Of Love
Amuro Namie- Think Of Me
Amuro Namie- Toi Et Moi
Arashi- A Day In Our Life
Arashi- Horizon
Arashi- Judai
Arashi- Kansha Kangeki Ame
Arashi- Kimi No Tame Ni Boku Ga Iru
Arashi- Typhoon Generation
Da Pump- We Can't Stop The Music
Day After Tomorrow- Starry Heavens [Sentimental Remix]
Dir En Grey- Ain't Afraid To Die [Irresistable Mix]
Dir En Grey- Ash
Dir En Grey- Filth
Dir En Grey- Garden
Dir En Grey- Gauze
Dir En Grey- Jealous
Dir En Grey- [KR] Cube K.K. Vomit Mix
Dir En Grey- Missa
Dir En Grey- Waza
Dir En Grey- Yokan
Dir En Grey- Yurameki
Dragon Ash- Greatful Days
Dragon Ash- Rainy Day and Day
Dragon Ash- Viva La Revolution
Dreams Come True- Mitsubatchi [King's Mambo Magnifico Mix]
Glay- Blue Jean
Glay- Kuchibiru
Glay- Mermaid
Glay- Neuromancer
Hamasaki Ayumi- Appears
Hamasaki Ayumi- Boys & Girls Remix
Hamasaki Ayumi- Connected
Hamasaki Ayumi- Dearest
Hamasaki Ayumi- Depend On You [Eurosenti Mix]
Hamasaki Ayumi- Endless Sorrow [A Aggressive Mix]
Hamasaki Ayumi- Evolution
Hamasaki Ayumi- Evolution [Time is Pop Mix]
Hamasaki Ayumi- Evolution [Goldenscan Remix]
Hamasaki Ayumi- Fly High [Special Techno Remix]
Hamasaki Ayumi- Fly High [Voodoo & Serano Remix]
Hamasaki Ayumi- Liar
Hamasaki Ayumi- SEASONS [Jonathan Peters' Club Mix]
Hamasaki Ayumi- Trauma
Hamasaki Ayumi- UNITE [Air Wave Remix]
Hamasaki Ayumi- Voyage
Hamasaki Ayumi- Wonderland
Hamasaki Ayumi- You [Aggressive Mix]
Judy and Mary- Sobakasu
Koyanagi Yuki- Anata No Kisu Wo Kazoe Mashou
Kuraki Mai- Can't Forget Your Love
Kuraki Mai- Just I Like Your Smile
Kuraki Mai- Like A Star In The Night
Kuraki Mai- Love Day After
Kuraki Mai- Perfect Crime
Kuraki Mai- Reach For The Sky
Kuraki Mai- Stand Up
Larc~en~Ciel- Snow Drops
Luna Sea- Gravity
Malice Mizer- Beast of Blood
Malice Mizer- Color Me Blood Red
Malice Mizer- Le Ciel
Malice Mizer- Uruwashiki Kamen No Shotai
Morning Musume- Girls' Psychology
Morning Musume- Happy Summer Wedding
Morning Musume- Love Machine
Morning Musume- Oyasumi
Morning Musume- Say Yeah!- Motto Miracle Night
Morning Musume- Chokotto Love
Morning Musume- Souda! We're Alive
Radical Dreamers- Without Taking The Jewel
Shiina Ringo- Morphine
Shiina Ringo- Onaji Yoru
Shiina Ringo- Shuukyou
Shiina Ringo- STEM
Speed- April
Utada Hikaru- Be My Last
Utada Hikaru- Close To You [English]
Utada Hikaru- Colors
Utada Hikaru- Dareka No Negai Ga Kanau Koro
Utada Hikaru- Devil Inside [Scumfrog Radio Edit]
Utada Hikaru- Final Distance [M-flo Remix]
Utada Hikaru- First Love [Dance Mix]
Utada Hikaru- Hikari [Godson Remix]
Utada Hikaru [with Shiina Ringo]- I Won't Last A Day Without You
Utada Hikaru- Passion [Instrumental]
Utada Hikaru- Passion [KDII Opening Version]
Utada HIkaru- Passion [Planit T Remix]
Utada Hikaru- Simple and Clean [PLANITb Remix-Short Edit]
Utada Hikaru- Simple and Clean

ACDC + Eminem- My Name Is [Hard Rock Remix]
Aqua + Papaya- Pink Little Barbie Girl [DJ PTW Remix]
Bloc Party + Death From Above- Luno
Bloc Party + Pussycat Dolls- Banquet + Don't Cha
Bloc Party + The Streets- Banquet [The Remix]
Britney Spears w/Madonna + Spicegirls- Who Do You Think Is Against The Music
Britney Spears + Gwen Stefani- Hollaback Slave Remix
Britney Spears + Linking Park- Faint Toxic
Britney Spears + Usher- Yeah + Toxic [Blades Blend Remix]
Christina Aguilera + Jet- Girl + Dirrty
Coldplay + Sum 41- Scientist/Pieces
Destiny's Child + Nirvana- Smeels Like Booty
Fall Out Boy + Gym Class Heroes- Grand Theft Autumn vs Make Out Club
Fat Joe + Midtown- Empty Like The Ocean + Lean Back
Franz Ferdinand + Kelis- Take Me Out [For a Milkshake]
Frou Frou + Rufus Wainright- Let Go of Hallelujah
Garbage + Nine Inch Nails- Crushingly Close
Green Day + Oasis + Travis- Boulevard Of Broken Songs
Kuraki Mai + Utada Hikaru- First Love vs. Love Day After
Kylie Minogue + Massive Attack- Slow Angel
The Legion of Doom- Atreyu + it Dies Today: A Threnody For A Grand
The Legion of Doom- Dashboard Confessional + Brand New: The Quiet Screaming
The Legion of Doom- Get Up Kids + Thursday: Dottie In A Car Crash
Usher + Weezer- In The Sun/Yeah

VA- ACEN First Stage [35:51 min]
Animeexpo 2005 Everyone mix [13: 06 min]
Speed Dance vol.4 [1 hour 01 min]
Speed Dance Best of 2004 [1 hour 10 min]
Trance Megamix- Sandstorm vs. Blow Your Mind vs. Zombie Nation vs. Blade Techno [7 min]
Kyle's Mom's a Bitch
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back- Jay's Rap
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